About Us

About Us

Who are we?

For some time now, there has been a need in the investment property sector for a platform that directly connects buyers and sellers with one another. A platform that is not only a direct messaging service, but a platform that also allows free advertising for any kind of specialised property, from rundown derelict property to residential or commercial property with or without planning, all offered commission free. We saw this need and created the solution; Developing Spaces.

What we do?

Developing Spaces is a brand-new startup dedicated to bringing a streamlined and idealised property marketplace to buyers and sellers alike. With a communications portal to message the buyer or seller directly, a wide variety of properties available covering agricultural to residential and everything in between, and an instruction tool that provides valuable information about both the marketplace as well as your competitors, Developing Spaces provides an advantage to anyone in the investment property sector. Are you an agent? No other platform allows you to speak with a seller directly without worrying about the cost of commission when dealing with another agent. Are you a seller? We offer you the opportunity to post your property for only specialised and motivated buyers to see, without a seller’s date to avoid the property appearing as unwanted or overpriced.

Why use us?

Some property listings portals advertise unnecessarily to broad audience. Developing Spaces’ only targets specialised and motivated potentitial buyers and sellers. We can say with absolute certainty that everyone using our site will benefit from more enquiries, higher prices, and speedier sales.

You specialise in buying or selling property. Developing Spaces specialises in you.