About Us

About Us

Who are we?

For some time now, there has been a need in the investment property sector for a platform that directly connects buyers and sellers with one another. A platform that is not only a direct messaging service, but a platform that also allows free advertising for any kind of specialised property, from rundown derelict property to residential or commercial property with or without planning, all offered commission free. We saw this need and created the solution; Developing Spaces.

Vision Statement

Our Customers
Property or land Owners
Real Estate Agents
Property Brokers/Consultants

Business Model
Developing Spaces is a start- up business, providing subscribers the opportunity to advertise and negotiate property or land directly through our portal.

Our Strategy
To focus on providing subscribers a streamlined and cost-effective method of advertising and communicating.

We seek to:
To grow the listings and subscribers through social media and digital advertising.
Create a community messaging platform where subscribers can advertise their wants and needs.
To offer promotion products to agents and brokers

Benefits to Customers
More offers and better buyers
Undated listing, keeps the property fresh in the marketplace.
Retaining flexibility with the marketing
Instant and direct messaging system.
No agreements or contracts.
No Commission

Increased company profiling in the developer and investor market
Increased advertising for current listings
Increased valuations through the recommended agent product