Since the 1995 launch of power brand e-bay, online sales portals are rapidly changing the relationship between buyers and sellers.

The ingenious power of the cloud, coupled with a self-service approach to selling your belongings or assets online is on the rapid rise.

It has never been easier to sell an unwanted Christmas present from old ‘Auntie Jean’ to a four-bedroom family home with off-street parking, at the click of a button.

Recent studies show that consumers of today have a growing desire to take more control of their affairs, and many of us are doing so by signing up to ‘commission-free’ sales portals, that seem to offer a lot more than just a place to sell your unwanted possessions or even much larger items such as cars, machinery and homes.

By using a reputable online marketplace to list your unwanted goods, you can easily create a brilliantly functional microsite for your item, and as long as the portal you have decided to use is well designed and user friendly, it will allow you access to real-time information 24/7, 365 days a year at the click of the button.

Being part of an established online marketplace provides an instant level of trust between you and the buyer. The transparency offers potential sellers and buyers a perfectly acceptable and convenient way to compare items for sale to confirm if you think you’re getting the product you want at a good market price.

Developers of such sites spend an extensive amount of time and money to know how to motivate a consumer to buy. Your listing will benefit from their wealth of professional knowledge and their vast suite of marketing expertise and initiatives. You may even pick up an unexpected overseas sale!

So, is now the time to clear out the garage and make some cash? Swap in your old motorbike that’s been gathering dust, for a more suitable family car, or possibly upgrade your two-bedroom apartment in town to a four-bedroom renovation property in the suburbs?

Whilst it might mean a bit of extra leg work in the first instance, selling your possessions using an online commission free portal can come with whole host of brilliant advantages.

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