There was a time when selling your land or home privately meant reaching for a big black marker pen and a giant piece of card and set about making a home-made FOR SALE sign to display outside your property.

While in theory, this may have ‘done the job’, it would have hardly created the most professional impression, and it’s possible that it even may have put potential buyers off.

However, thanks to the internet and websites like selling your home or land privately with planning permission to a potential property developer or a buyer that is looking for a self-build it project, can be quite a simple and easy process.

Firstly, you will need to have to identify the target type of buyer you want to attract. Land Buyers, Builders or Developers are always looking for a great location that will meet the needs of their potential buyers. Your buyer may be an individual, looking to construct their own home, either way, they will all, of course, want to see, if or what planning permission has already been agreed for your site.

The quickest and most successful way to market your land is through a property portal like ours. We already have an established marketing infrastructure and a UK wide target audience just waiting to acquire excellent properties like yours through a private sale.

When creating your listing, make sure you include the price, a great title, a detailed description and give as much information as possible, highlighting what you believe to be the best selling points.

A good smartphone is all you need to capture some fantastic images for an easy load up to the property listing. You must always include a map, detailing of boundary lines and any other exciting information.

Details, images and links to planning applications, or plots of land with approved planning permission are essential. Information like this can seal the deal!

Once you have created your property listing it’s all systems go, and time for you to wait for the enquiries to come in. As an aside, it’s a good idea to share a link to the listing yourself via your social media accounts; you never know who your friend and family could be connected to!

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