With only a few weeks to go until 2020 is it time for a new approach to buying and selling development property and land?

Christmas slowdown

The housing market traditionally slows down at Christmas – and if you have a property for sale that’s a little unusual, such as a home with planning permission or some farmland then you might be considering giving it a rest for the festive period. Likewise, if you are a property developer looking for some land to buy or a great opportunity to invest in – you are probably thinking there won’t be much going on between Christmas and New Year.

Taking advantage of the festive market

Now is the ideal time to find a fresh approach. If you have, for example, a house with land for sale, and have been finding it difficult to get much interest in this tricky market this is a great time to regroup, research and think about doing things differently. You could use the festive downtime to list and market your property yourself on a specialist site such as Developing Spaces, where you will meet other users interested in development opportunities and could save yourself thousands of pounds in commission fees. If you are proactive and spend some time now organising your finances, researching the opportunities and planning your strategy you will be in a great position to take advantage of the livelier market in January.

Christmas opportunities

If you are a developer, or would like to become one, the Christmas period is the perfect time to look for your next opportunity and evaluate your portfolio. Sellers are often highly motivated in December so with careful planning you might be able to pick up a bargain before the market is flooded with buyers again in January. Even if you don’t add to your portfolio this month you can prepare for 2020 by making plans and finding the best opportunities – whether that is development property, farmland for sale or renovation projects.

Plans, research and auction houses

Investing time now in researching the property available, watching the auction houses and getting your finances in order could really pay off – come January you might find that house with land for sale you had your eye on has gone “stale” over the Christmas holidays and now cheaper or off for auction.

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