For Estate Agents

For Estate Agents

Who are we?

There is a need in the property sector for a portal that specializes in just property with redevelopment opportunities or of investment interest. Our platform is an online facility, and it allows complimentary advertising for a property that would be of interest to builders or developers, commercial or residential landlords, companies or persons generally looking for a property project, while also providing direct communication between the seller and the buyer, all commission-free.

What do we do?

Developing Spaces is an innovative, easy to use the portal, designed and created by an industry-leading and experienced professional. In a few simple steps, the user can list any property that they have for sale, with or without planning that may be of interest for redevelopment or investment. Once registered on our highly professional site, we ensure that your property is immediately marketed directly to the entire audience of buyers, resulting in quick, straightforward enquiries sent directly to you.

Why use us?

We market every property to our vast network of prospective buyers, including local builders and developers, right up to the largest International commercial development companies, that are all searching for their next project. We are confident that our platform will connect the right purchaser with your client’s property.

Talk Directly

Speaking swiftly and directly to a seller or buyer via email is a great platform, as an agent having a direct messaging platform, allows any buyers or sellers confidence that their communications are not being lost in translation and that the persons dealing with the property are monitoring their interest and are able to update them on the current status, the sellers are able to have multiple interests in their property keeping their options open at all times if they require. Off course buyers also may have an interest in various properties and are able also to make their interests known to the sellers.

Investment Specialists

We only advertise developments, land or investment property and our portal is optimized solely for just these property types. Not only that, but our portal has been designed to be highly optimized for the major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo. This strategy will see an increasing number of visits to our website as we become more popular and in turn, this will generate more high-quality enquiries for our customers.

Types of property that can be advertised

Commercial or Residential property that is run down, derelict, or just in need of a freshen up, up for auction, potential change of usage property, property with planning for an alteration, property with permitted planning to upsize, property with planning for an extra bedroom of loft room or garage, any land, Recreational, Transport, Agricultural, Residential & Commercial with or without planning, good yield rental accommodation residential or commercial, potential multiple occupancy accommodation Pied-à-Terre, unusual property that investors may want, or potentially right investment type property i.e.: close to station, great views, well situated etc.

Listing Dates

As everybody is aware, when a new instruction comes to the market, a date is located on the advert, as time passes if the property hasn’t sold, it can become stale in the marketplace, and buyers alike maybe start to feel there is a problem with the property or it is overpriced, at Developing Spaces, we avoid that problem, with not having any property dated, effectively keeping all property fresh to the market.

Network and Profile

Promoting and advertising your current redevelopment or investment type opportunities to a specific audience, Developing Spaces allows you the opportunity to network and promote yourself or your company to the right people. With each account, you can create a profile of 50 characters, allowing you or your company description of your services or interests.

Get the upper hand over your competitors.

Use Developing spaces to gain instructions and autonomy. By advertising yourself as a member of our marketplace, you are promoting your ability to target a specialist market. Boost your seller’s enquiries by making sure the right people see your listing, and it is not lost amongst the standard property listings. Promoting yourself within the developer and investment arena will lead to a healthier instruction list.