Bad photography, is definitely one of the biggest reasons why a property or a plot of land for sale doesn’t create more interest, and good photography can be the sole reason why a property gets noticed.

Many properties are marketed with poorly taken photography, taken on iPhones or cheap cameras, photographing from a bad angle and of the wrong things, can make your property that look bland and uninteresting.

Admittedly not all property can look amazing in photographs, but you have to set the standard high, dressing the property is important and using a bit of imagination. That’s why professional photography is a must, after all, you’re selling the most expensive asset you own, why wouldn’t you want it to look fabulous?

All salient features should be included within the images, after all, who knows what particular important detail a potential buyer is looking for.

Land identification, via a highlighted ring or fade out, is certainly helpful and popular with buyers with the addition of aerial photography and a good quality boundary map, also being a huge benefit.

How about taking the marketing a step further, by considering the inclusion of videos or even a virtual tour?

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