How can you get the best price for your home?

Whether you are a growing family and moving to a bigger home or just need to increase the value of your current home for remortgaging purposes, with so many fantastic renovation and remodeling ideas out there, some of the most cost-effective options can add the biggest value to your home.

Paint and Redecorate

A Bank Holiday weekend spent decorating is one of the most cost effective, popular and easiest home improvements you can make. Applying a fresh lick of paint in the newest chalky colours can go a very long way to giving your home a new lease of life and pushing the value up.

 Blissfull Bathrooms

29% of homes sold in 2019 had a new bathroom fitted, so a full update might be the key to selling fast and earning more. A stylish new bathroom will always add value to any home, free-standing baths and rainfall showerheads are what bathroom dreams are made of, however, if this option is just way out of your price range then maybe consider an easy makeover. Re-grouting, steam cleaning, descaling or replacing taps to give the bathroom a fresh and hygienic look. Make sure the walls are painted in a clean and neutral tone and mouldy shower curtains are nowhere to be seen.

 Front of House Rules

The outside of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see and first impressions count! Keep the front door clean, and the porch area clear of spiders’ webs and general mess. You could think about a fresh lick of paint if it’s deemed necessary, a bright and shiny door number and a working doorbell or knocker will make your house look and feel like one of the smartest in the street. Add a dash of colour to the front door step with a pretty pot plant or even a small bay tree.

 Garden Envy

Gardens are one of the most important features when selling a home. In the Summer months, they are an extension of your living and dining room, so yours mustn’t look like an overgrown jungle. Present a nice and tidy garden with mowed lawn, trimmed borders, clear pathways and cut back any overgrown trees or bushes. Give garden furniture a clean and add some cushions for colour and comfort.

Perfect Plans

It is the general consensus that adding a bedroom, adds the most value, but this can also come at the highest cost.

Big projects that require planning permission could include a loft conversion, an extension, converting a garage or extending a kitchen and can make a property much more appealing to buyers.  However, a dormer loft conversion with a double bedroom and en-suite could cost around £40,000, so even if you can’t afford an extension or conversion, it might be worth obtaining planning permission on behalf of any future potential buyers…simply selling your home with planning permission, can increase the value of your property with the smallest amount of effort.

Do bear in mind though, big plans don’t always pay off, especially in an unsettled market place, so obtain the planning permission but concentrate your efforts on smaller projects that make your home most appealing with the bonus of having planning permission approved!

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