In recent years, online portals have become a huge part of the property industry. In the past, it was common that properties would be advertised for sale solely by an estate agent with premises on a local high street, but now, the online world has a much bigger part to play in this industry. People no longer need to manually contact every local estate agent to check properties for sale, they can go looking themselves, 24 hours a day at the click of a button.
The Developing Spaces portal is a specialist platform which has been designed and created by an industry-leading and experienced professional – but what are the benefits to you? 
Any property can be advertised 
With the Developing Spaces platform, almost every type of property can be advertised – including development, commercial and residential property. Across the United Kingdom, it is currently estimated there are more than 25 million residential properties alone – including detached homes, flats, bungalows and cottages. We have examples of these properties across the portal, including ones that are run down, a potential change of usage property, property with planning for alteration and more – it is completely up to you and your specific requirements. 
All listed property is kept fresh 
Often when too much time passes with the property not being sold, it becomes ‘stale’ on the marketplace. However, at Developing Spaces this is not a worry, we don’t date any of the properties on the platform. You do not need to worry about potential buyers mistaking the property is overpriced, or there is a problem with it. All property listed across Developing Spaces is fresh on the market and kept up-to-date. 
Direct communication 
Using the Developing Spaces platform, users can communicate directly with their customers and provide a more honest and successful experience for both parties, as well as a positive user journey. With this communication style, the seller also has the opportunity to upsell additional services or items by identifying gaps and sales opportunities. Good relationships can be built upon through the safe and secure direct communication methods, reducing chances of misunderstanding with quicker response times. The sellers are also able to have multiple interests in their property keeping their options open at all times.
Huge network of potential buyers 
When you advertise your property on the developing spaces platform, it is showcased to our vast network of prospective buyers, including local builders and developers. This ensures that the property is connected with the right purchaser, as the owners will get everything they need to sell their home, from start to finish. Your property will be advertised to a specific audience, providing you with the opportunity to network and promote yourself or your company to the right people, leading to a healthier list of potential prospects. 
About Developing Spaces
We are one of the UK’s highest-rated online property marketplaces thanks to our great understanding of both sides of investment property and land development sales. We have a wealth of expertise in our field of work and have an excellent.




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