Excitement, Despair to Pride and lot more in-between. The emotional journey of property or land purchase.

Sit back, belt up and get ready to jump on the emotional roller-coaster ride that comes with purchasing your dream property project or your perfect home.

The up’s, downs, twist and turns are all part and parcel of this life-changing emotional purchase, even the most level headed people experience the highs and lows throughout the process,

What is the prompt that provokes you into considering a new home or development project? Perhaps you fancy a career as a property developer, maybe your family is growing and you need a bigger home, or you have spotted a potential opportunity to renovate or build a home and make some cash.

Excitement is almost certainly the first emotion you will experience, however this can quickly turn to a feeling of information overload. The property market is a mind field of continually changing information. Once you equip yourself with the details you need and your confusion will start to subside into enthusiasm.

Finding the right project can be a challenge. Most buyers will use the Internet as a primary search tool. It is very easy to fall in love with a property online, however not all property on the Internet is as it seems in real life. That ‘loving’ feeling can quickly diminish to despair. You have tackled the logistics of time-consuming viewing only to find out that your dream home is situated next to a motorway!

It is common for buyers to experience all sorts of disappointment in the market. Maybe your budget doesn’t quite stretch to what you want, in a competitive market competing offers can become frustrating and you could lose out on your perfect pad due to financial or lifestyle circumstances.

However, it is true that if you persevere, you will find what you are looking for and feel incredibly positive. Once your offer has been accepted, you will feel relieved and excited about the next thrilling chapter.

Formerly, he news that your offer has been accepted has sunk in; you could start to feel slightly anxious about the next few weeks and months. Your new financial commitment will take a lot of your thought process. The practicalities of packing up and moving home are a fiercely physical challenge, not to mention the admin and planning consideration for a potential renovation or building project.

You date for completion, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief and at last its moving day, the process is coming to an end.

House or land purchase is one of life’s most emotional experiences. It takes a huge amount of brainpower, resilience, positivity and financial commitment, but now is the time to feel proud; the house, land or property project is finally yours!


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