Online platforms play a very important part of our digital economy and support many of our daily activities in our professional and personal lives.

Internet-based market places enable all levels of digital consumers to take better control over their purchases at any time of the day or night, using them for booking holidays, entertainment purposes, finding a job and many more …

In the UK and indeed across the world, there is a huge variety of successful online portals that place one party in touch with another, assisting to streamline the buying and selling process and supporting any part of the consumer journey at the click of a button.

With the use of a third party impartial portals, the user can now expect to access a range of extensive information directly from the seller, such as further detail, product specifications and price comparisons. The huge success of online commerce portals such as eBay, Uber, HomeAway, and Gumtree are a testament to this.

However, along with this direct sales approach, direct and open communication lines are an essential part of the sales journey.

There are huge benefits to being able to use a portal to communicate directly with your customers and ultimately end with a far more honest, successful sale and a positive user journey.

Typical advantages of direct portal communication can be…

Correct Information
Potential customers will want to understand the features and benefits of the product they are buying. If you have a direct line of communication with your customers through a messaging service you can ensure they know everything they need to know about what they are purchasing and this, in turn, will mean that the buyer can begin to fully appreciate its value.

Direct communication can allow the seller to identify gaps and possibly identify a sales opportunity to upsell additional services or items and offer some sort of special deal.

Communication Lines
Utilising an e-commerce site where users can personally or through an agent list an item to sell and open the lines of direct communication in a protected online environment.

The seller and buyer can both receive some valuable information that could be lost on an indirect sales offering.

Opening lines of communication will give unfiltered and valuable feedback to all parties.

Secure and Safe Conversations
Direct communication through an online portal can safely and securely help you build good relationships, reduce the chance of a misunderstanding, obtain quicker responses and speedier sales.

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